Buckle up because in this episode you will hear from the amazing Robyn Eckersley! Robyn is a women on fire that will help 1 million women feel empowered to live purpose driven lives.
To get to this point Robyn had to overcome an abusive relationship as well as feelings of doubt and insecurities. Tune in because this is an episode you don't want to miss.

Robyn would like to share her A Daily Impact Mini Planner with the rogue listeners. You can find it at www.robyn.coach

Where you can find Robyn:

Robyn Eckersley is on a mission to activate and empower 1 million women to live purpose-driven lives. As an Impact Coach, she takes women who are struggling to grasp their role in changing the world and fitting it into their busy lives, and she helps them to define their unique vision of impact and seamlessly integrate it into their personal and professional lives.

Robyn's clients have gone on to share their stories of tragedy to triumph speaking to groups around the country, launch and monetize cause-based passion projects that had previously sat in the back of their minds collecting dust, they've even gone on to shed relationships not serving them and find new partners who fit their new purpose-driven lives.

Robyn is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband, Tony, and their three cats, Safari, Owly, and Mowgli. When she's not in the office, Robyn can be found traveling abroad with her husband and family, camping and exploring nature, networking and meeting amazing women, or working out at her local CrossFit gym.

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